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audrey horne

Dale Cooper - Caleb Cleveland

Twin Peaks Characters Reimagined 25 Years Later

Illustrator Caleb Cleveland is on an ongoing, self-imposed mission to reimagine Twin Peaks characters 25 years later. While making them older, the artist started to envision their present-day lives too...
Twin Peaks by Ultradialectics

Moody Twin Peaks Collage By Ultradialectics

This epic "Twin Peaks" collage by Amsterdam-based visual artist Patrick Tang (aka Ultradialectics) quite brilliantly captures the mood of the rainy logging town in the Pacific Northwest.
Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne

Sheryl Lee And Sherilyn Fenn To Attend Chicago Comic Con 2012

Good news for Twin Peaks fans from Chicagoland! Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn have both confirmed for the Chicago Comic Con 2012 Wizard World Convention, which takes place from August 9 through 12 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.
Audrey Horne

Audrey Music Bundle: Isn’t It Too Dreamy?

Earlier this week, Audrey's Dance got a Sims 3 remake and today, the David Lynch Music Company added an 11-track Audrey Horne Bundle to the Twin Peaks Archive for just $3.99.
Dale Cooper

Greetings From Twin Peaks, A Postcard Set

Illustrator and graphic designer, Marta Quilez from Zarazoga, Spain, has designed this set of limited edition Greetings from Twin Peaks postcards featuring otherworldly vector renditions of Special Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, The Man From Another Place, Audrey Horne, and Bob.
I Love Twin Peaks Cherry Stem T-Shirt

I Love Twin Peaks: Audrey Horne’s Knotted Cherry Stem T-Shirt

In my I Love Twin Peaks t-shirt series, this 3rd design incorporates a cherry with a carefully knotted stem. Notice the heart shape in the stem? Yes, after years of practice, Audrey Horne is definitely getting better at this. Good work, ehm, Hester Prynne!

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