Twin Peaks LEGO Minifigures? Let’s Brick!

This is not a drill!

These custom-printed Twin Peaks LEGO minifigs are as real as can be and now available for purchase.

In the past, AFOLs* would often hit a brick wall trying to recreate distinctive Twin Peaks characters with existing bits and pieces. Chicago-based Citizen Brick is putting an end to that struggle with five ready-made Twin Peaks minifigures, so fans can focus on building a whole damn town instead!

Printed in-house using authentic pad printing on original and compatible LEGO parts, the Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town set includes FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper with his trusted tape recorder and a coffee mug, Laura Palmer (dead, wrapped in plastic), the Man from Another Place, Audrey Horne holding a cigarette, and the Log Lady. Plus her LEGO log, of course.

This limited edition blister pack will set you back $60 via Let’s brick! UPDATE: The set has completely sold out.

*Adult Fan of LEGO

Welcome to Double Mountain – Murder Mystery Town

Population 51,202. That probably includes the log as a resident.

Twin Peaks LEGO - Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town She’s a minifig… wrapped in plastic.
Twin Peaks LEGO: She's a Laura Palmer minifig. Wrapped in plastic.


Bonus: Twin Bricks

Directed by Duplo Lynch back in 2007 with music by Angelo Brickalamenti.


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Written by Pieter Dom

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