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Windom Earle’s Queens T-Shirt: Audrey, Donna, Shelly & Annie


With so many beautiful and strong women living in Twin Peaks, an all-female t-shirt design was long overdue. The ampersand-style lists are never random and there’s always a certain connection between the names, so for this one I used Windom Earle’s queens. Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward and Shelly Johnson, the three queens invited to the “Gathering of Angels” at the Roadhouse. And of course the Queen of Hearts, the winner of the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant, Annie Blackburn.

» Available in different colors and on different styles: Windom’s Queens (black on white) or Windom’s Queens (white on black) t-shirts.

Windom Earle's queens: Audrey, Donna, Shelly and Annie

Windom Earle's queens: Audrey, Donna, Shelly and Annie

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Windom Earle's Queens T-Shirt

An all-female Twin Peaks t-shirt, Windom's Queens lists Audrey, Donna, Shelly and Annie in the famous ampersand design style.

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