Audrey Music Bundle: Isn’t It Too Dreamy?

Earlier this week, Audrey’s Dance got a Sims 3 remake and today, the David Lynch Music Company added an 11-track Audrey Horne Bundle to the Twin Peaks Archive for just $3.99, with three new background pictures starring Sherilyn Fenn.

I love this music. Isn’t it too dreamy?

It absolutely is.

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  1. Audrey’s Dance (Clean)
  2. Audrey’s Dance (Drums and Bass)
  3. Audrey’s Dance (Solo Rhodes)
  4. Audrey’s Dance (Synth and Vibraphone)
  5. Audrey’s Dance (Clean Fast)
  6. Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Saxophone)
  7. Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Clarinet)
  8. Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Flute)
  9. Sneaky Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation)
  10. Sneaky Audrey (Solo)
  11. Sneaky Audrey (Alternate)


The character of Audrey Horne provided quite an interesting array of musical motifs for Twin Peaks. Wether it be the off-kilter sensuality of ‘Audrey’s Dance,’ the playful mischievousness of ‘Sneaky Audrey,’ the optimistic bounce of ‘Freshly Squeezed’ or the lush emotion of ‘Audrey’s Prayer,’ the entire gamut of music owes credit to the show’s sweetest troublemaker: Miss Audrey Horne. Like many of the themes from Twin Peaks, these motifs were not simply reserved for a single character or particular location, but instead cross-pollinated and conversed with a multitude of different people and scenarios, making the dialog between story and music far more layered and interesting…

Included within this bundle are 11 tracks in total that feature a number of variations and components of ‘Audrey’s Dance:’ the often-used ‘stripped down’ version for rhodes, bass and drums (‘clean’); versions for drums and bass and solo rhodes, as well as hybrid ‘Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man’ versions for clarinet, flute and sax. Also included are three additional variations/versions of the composition ‘Sneaky Audrey.’

Editor’s note: the additional ‘reprised’ version of ‘Sneaky Audrey’ that appears in episode 4 of the series was not located for this release.

Audrey Horne Distraught

Audrey Horne
Audrey Horne

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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