Meals On Wheels Tote Bag

More unofficial Twin Peaks merchandise, folks! Here’s the Meals On Wheels tote bag, as used by Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward while delivering food to the shut-ins of Twin Peaks, like Harold Smith, Mrs. Tremond and her magician grandson, Pierre.

Meals On Wheels tote bag

Now tell me… Do you see creamed corn on that plate?

From Laura Palmer’s diary:

I’ve been meaning to tell you what became of my meeting with Norma. I had been thinking about the very best way to help the elderly who find it difficult to leave the house. I would deliver meals to the elderly people in the area who couldn’t get out for a hot meal. I told her the name of the program could be Meals on Wheels. Norma loved the idea and said she would make a few calls to people at city hall and maybe the hospital. We could find the best recipients that way, without doing much footwork. Norma agreed to provide the meals, two a day, four times a week. All profits to go fifty-fifty. I deliver them to the door, and maybe I’ll regain some confidence… Or am I confident? Or am I so fucked up on coke that I can’t tell?

The logo was meticulously based on the stickers seen on the food plate covers in the Twin Peaks Double R Diner.

Meals On Wheels: Hank Jennings & Donna Hayward

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