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Mark Frost recently broke the news that The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer is due for a re-release later this year. I’m happy to be able tell you that according to publisher Simon & Schuster, the exact release date of the new edition is December 6th 2011.

The new edition will count 196 pages (as opposed to the 184 of the 1990 release) and among the fresh content is a foreword by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Did you know you can save a few dollars if you pre-order the book today? And you can be sure to receive your new copy well before Christmas.

Pre-order The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer (2011 edition) in the United States and save up to 33%:
» Paperback
» Kindle version

Pre-order in the United Kingdom:
» Paperback

As a bonus, here are some pictures of my copy of the diary, not just “as seen by” but “as signed by” the awesome Jennifer Lynch.

The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer signed by Jennifer Lynch

My favorite bit is her addition to the list of initials of each person Laura has been with…

Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer signed by Jennifer Lynch

Yes, those are my initials.

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  1. Now, I don’t know what it means (if, in fact, it means anything) but the 3 most worn and shredded parts on the new cover are where the gilt was on the old incarnations.

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