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The Log Has Something To Say: You Play A Crucial Role In Making The Authorized Documentary About Catherine E. Coulson, The Log Lady

Something is happening, isn't it, Margaret? YES! You can help us make “I Know Catherine, The Log Lady,” a documentary on Catherine E. Coulson, the beloved Twin Peaks family member we lost in 2015.
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“The stars turn and a time presents itself.”
—The Log Lady

In 2015, our Twin Peaks family lost one of its dearest members, Catherine E. Coulson, just shortly after she filmed her final scenes as Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady, together with her longtime friend, David Lynch.

The Log Lady in Twin Peaks

Today, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret!

The past few months, I have worked hard on hands-down the most beautiful Twin Peaks project I’ve ever been able to contribute to.

With David Lynch’s blessing, a small team of independent filmmakers led by Richard Green (the Magician in Mulholland Drive and executive producer on David Lynch Presents: I Don’t Know Jack), is making a feature length documentary on Catherine E. Coulson. Aka Cathy. Or Cookie! Together with her family and closest friends, we have gathered incredible footage and mementos from her childhood, her career as an actress on stage at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and on screen, as well as her work as one of the first women behind the camera.

We can’t wait to blend all the material into a wonderful film tribute to Catherine, but we really need help from everyone who was ever inspired or touched by her performances, from everyone who ever met her and had the same feeling so many of us share; that she made you feel like you were her best friend.

Today, we’re announcing I Know Catherine, The Log Lady on Kickstarter.

And you play a crucial role in making this authorized documentary happen. This film can only happen with the support of every Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Catherine fan. Your trust and contribution towards this crowdfunding campaign will be rewarded; we have an Answer Log, the Logbook, dedicated trees in the Log Lady Grove and so much more!

For instance, here’s everything you will get if you pledge $35:

  • Digital stream of the finished Catherine Coulson documentary when it’s available to own
  • Stream I Don’t Know Jack (about Jack Nance) and its extras,
  • Download an unreleased 5-track EP by Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics)
  • Download an unreleased Twin Peaks-inspired jazz noir song by Silencio
  • Download a digital treasure trove with Log emoji, wallpapers and more
  • Insider updates straight from the film crew
  • Your name in the LOGROLL section of the film’s website
  • The option to have your photo as Log Lady (or Gentleman) appear in the movie!

Check out our crowdfunding campaign.

With Kickstarter, it’s ALL or NOTHING and we don’t have much time to get this project funded, so please pledge today!

David Lynch sharing his Catherine stories in an interview for I Know Catherine, The Log Lady
David Lynch sharing his Catherine stories in an interview for I Know Catherine, The Log Lady

Catherine E. Coulson documentary: I Know Catherine, The Log Lady

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  1. Malcolm Sloan says:

    Where is the Fan Fiction Friday post from 5/18?

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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