David Lynch Has An Announcement To Make On February 1st

Are you ready?

David Lynch Weather Report Announcement February 2021

In David Lynch’s Weather Report for January 31st, 2021, the filmmaker teased that he has an announcement to make tomorrow, February 1st.

UPDATE: Check the announcement below.

He will leave a lot of fans disappointed if this isn’t the official confirmation of his upcoming series Unrecorded Night (work title: Wisteria), but you never know with David Lynch. Could also be a brand new album, another David Lynch Theater release, or maybe he’ll shave his beard during a live stream? Place your bets in the comments (the funniest suggestion will receive some goodies).

The bigger question is, how will any of us sleep tonight?

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/31/21

David Lynch’s Weather Report 2/1/21

Good morning. It’s February 1, 2021, and it’s a Monday. This is a day, I was going to announce that I was going to take a break from doing the weather report and picking the number of the day. But then I read the comments yesterday. And it hit me once again, what a great group you all are who subscribe or visit, you know, the David Lynch Theater. So thoughtful and so kind you are. I’m so thankful there are people like you in this world.

So we’re going to continue on. And I wish, no matter what the weather is, I wish for all of you: blue skies and golden sunshine internally all along the way. Everyone, have a great day!

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. His Feb 1st announcement: David Lynch, after months of dedication and hard work, will present to us the cricket he has trained to skateboard inside a Tibetan singing bowl.

  2. Today I am announcing for you that in one month from now I will make another announcement, which will also be about an announcement, a kind of Magritte infinite regression of suspense.

  3. David Lynch is making Evil Dead III with Bruce Campbell. David will play every background zombie and the rest will be incredibly attractive.

  4. Sometimes announcements are big.
    The announcements were flying.
    The announcements were near.
    The announcements were silent.
    We don’t know what will happen, or when. But there are announcements at the Roadhouse.
    The announcements are not what they seem.

  5. David Lynch is freaking amazing. Maybe he will announce that they made 2 boxes of the save the weasel buttons from season 2 and they are just giving the second box away to fans!

  6. I love the fact there is a weather report here. Did I discover it on Sherilyn Fenn’s Birthday? What a coincidence ?

  7. Talk about coffee.

    He will give up smoking cigarettes and maybe talk about the new Twin Peaks (I Hope) he will start on. Or Wisteria is a Mullholland Drive sequel?

  8. I think it’s time you made ‘Ronnie rocket” you’ve been promising that film for over 40 years… get busy David, I’ll be in touch.

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