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Witch House And Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks

A Witch House and Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks is a witch house tribute to the world of Twin Peaks. Witch house, for the uninitiated and I bet there are many, is a music genre which combines hip hop and dubstep rhythms, industrial noise and gothic rock. And then some.

The tribute compilation was released on Cosmotropia de Xam’s Phantasma Disques last month, in a limited edition of just 125 copies (only about 20 are left so hurry and order yours). The CD comes with impressive, flipside cover art and a bizarre but to Twin Peaks fans extremely appealing tracklist:

Witch House Twin Peaks Tribute

  1. MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. HOW I QUIT CRACK – (These are the last 7 days in the life of) Laura Palmer
  2. ANDRAS – Half Heart
  3. DEATHCOAST – The Nightingale
  4. § (SILVER STRAIN) – A Blue Rose
  5. Kim Cascone and Ceremonial Dagger – through the darkness
  6. OS OVNI – Just you and I
  7. AAIMON – Into the Night
  8. UNISON – Questions in a World of Blue
  9. MULHOLLAND DRIVE – Burst into fire and the angels wouldnt help you
  10. I†† – X-RAYS
  11. \\\^?^/// – Are you Laura Palmer?
  12. Zombelle – Dweller on the Threshold
  13. ANGST – Keep The Fear From Your Mind
  14. Die Hexen – Inside the black Lodge
  15. Julee Cruise – Mystereees of Love (Excepter Remix)
  16. Ghostrider – Traces to Nowhere

Note that Kim Cascone, who collaborated on track five, was David Lynch’s assistant music editor on Twin Peaks and Wild At Heart!

I dug up a few of the songs and even some hallucinating video clips taken from the compilation to give you an idea of what this witch house thing is all about.

Ater Suspiria Vision feat. How I Quit Crack – (These are the last 7 days in the life of) Laura Palmer

§ – A Blue Rose

\\\^?^/// (of Mater Suspiria Vision) – Are you Laura Palmer? (Witch House Edit)

OS OVNI – Just You And I

DEATH COAST – The Nightingale

There’s already a second volume of the Witch House And Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks in the works, for which I’ve found these teaser tracks:

Mercydesign – Lady Radiator Song

Pyramids of Mu – How is Annie?

I’m a fan, but this is clearly not for everyone. How do you like these interpretations?

Thanks for reading!

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Witch House And Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks gets a witch house treatment.

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