“Little Girl Down The Lane” Is A Twin Peaks Soundtrack From An Alternate Reality

Italian composer Giovanni Varrica channels his inner Angelo Badalamenti on this soundtrack without a film

Album cover mashup with Audrey's Dance by Welcome to Twin Peaks

The backstory of Giovanni Varrica’s “Little Girl Down The Lane” sounds a lot like the story of the little girl who lived down the lane. “All of this started as a soundtrack of something,” the Italian composer explains, “but this something sadly disappeared.” Luckily for us, it turned into an 80-minute tribute to Twin Peaks, a world which expanded so much in Giovanni’s heart that he explored it further in no less than twenty-three tracks.

Hailing from Sicily’s Palermo, the composer naturally channels both the old Angelo Badalamenti (“Burst into Fire,” “He Will Come for Me,” “You Can Go Now”) as the Maestro’s more recent cues (“Through the Stars and Time,” “Dido”), but also Dean Hurley and David Lynch’s ambient Season 3 soundscapes (“It Was Happening Again,” “The Attic,” “One of Their Meetings,” “It’s a Machine”), or a blend of all that (“There’s Someone at the Door, Gordon”). Fans of Fox Bat Strategy’s psychedelic “Pink Room” and “Blue Frank” tracks will love “World of Truck Drivers” featuring Carmelo Mandalà on the guitar, and “You Wear My Stuff”. Other stand-out tracks include the glitch-free nod to Slow ’30s Room titled “Mood Indigo,” and “Everything Is Lost” with Vincenzo Cosenza’s sax reaching straight for your soul.

You can stream “Little Girl Down The Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute” on Spotify and purchase it from Amazon. Listen to Giovanni Varrica’s other work as Chair of Rigel, and make sure to follow the composer on Instagram.

Little Girl Down The Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute

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Written by Pieter Dom

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