Matt Smith’s “25 Years In The Trees” Combines 60 Twin Peaks Characters In One Ensemble Print

What started in April as morning warm-up sketches became a way for illustrator Matt Smith to cope with the unclear fate of the Twin Peaks revival during the six-week period David Lynch had seemingly turned his back on the project. As we all know, the show is now back on, and Matt has since happily completed his sketch series.

By popular demand, he combined all 20 trios in an ensemble print featuring 60 Twin Peaks characters from both the series and the movie. The 12″ x 18″ print on heavy card stock is now available on Etsy.

Check out the artist’s other work as well, like Matt’s original graphic novel, Barbarian Lord, which has been reviewed as a Game of Thrones for younger readers.

25 Years In The Trees by Matt Smith

Prints available here ($12).


Twin Peaks superprint

Individual Twin Peaks Trio Sketches

Twin Peaks Cooper Twin Peaks Black Lodgers

Twin Peaks Bookhouse Boys Twin Peaks agents Windom Earle Black Lodge spirits Socks on fire! The Renaults The Palmers One-Eyed Jack's Norma Jennings Nadine Hurley Mr Tojamora Lucy Moran Twin Peaks Lil The Dancer Twin Peaks Josie Twin Peaks Jacoby Twin Peaks Hornes Twin Peaks Fat Trout Trailer Park Twin Peaks Deer Meadow

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Just fantastic…

    The size is too small to appreciate the art though… would love 20 sets, featuring the three characters in each printed as Giclees…

    Love them so much!

  2. Giggling Heidi, the Brie Baguettes, Hank’s domino, Windom Earle’s black lips, so many great touches…

    Would also love to see:

    Theresa Banks, Ronette Pulaski, and of course, wrapped in plastic Laura

    Del, Senor Droolcup, and Mayor Milford

    Lodwick, Syd and Judge Sternwood with a Black Yukon sucker-punch.

    Mr Pinkel, (with weasel), Lana and finally Waldo. 🙂

    Maybe Thomas Eckhardt, Andrew Packard and his assistant as a set…

    Oh, and where is poor old Harold Smith! 🙂