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El Chico Blanco Performs The Music Of Twin Peaks

Immerse yourself in the dark mysteries of David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s Twin Peaks as El Chico Blanco performs Angelo Badalamenti‘s classic score from the iconic TV show.

The NYC-based instrumental rock/jazz band, El Chico Blanco, will play the entire Twin Peaks soundtrack against a backdrop of sounds and images from the show at New York City’s The Slipper Room, which will be transformed into The Black Lodge especially for the occasion. Oh, and I’ve heard through the trees that there will be some very special guests at the show, so be there!

Date: Sunday, August 3rd (doors 7:30 PM, show 8 PM)
$15 in advance
: The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St, New York, NY, 10002

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El Chico Blanco performs the music of Twin Peaks

The Slipper Room, NYC

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El Chico Blanco Performs The Music Of Twin Peaks

El Chico Blanco will perform the entire Twin Peaks soundtrack at NYC's The Slipper Room, and some very special guests are rumored.

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