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2015 Twin Peaks Fest Adds Wrapped In Plastic Party And Leland Palmer Karaoke Night

Twin Peaks Fest 2015

The 2015 Twin Peaks Festival will be held in and around North Bend, WA on July 24-27 2015 and early bird tickets are now available.

UPDATE: The festival sold out in just 11 days! A message from the staff:

The 2015 Twin Peaks Festival is SOLD OUT. There are no tickets to be purchased. We expanded the Festival Attendance cap by 100 and those tickets are gone. If you desire to be placed on the “Stand-by” list please send us a PM with your contact information and the number of tickets you need. There are always ticket holder who can not attend the Fest and are willing to sell their tickets to other great fans. This has been a wonderful yet unexpected surprise to everyone in the Twin Peaks Festival family. The Fest began in 1993 and we’re moving forward with all you incredible fans. Thank you for your support!

Through January 31st 2015, tickets are $205, or $230 if you include the filming locations bus tour. One-day tickets for the celebrity banquet are also available for $95 per person. On February 1st, prices will go up to $230 and $255 (with the bus tour), and late tickets will go for $275 and $300 starting April 1st. But something tells me the fest will sell out sooner than that.

Not only have organizers Rob and Deanna Lindley added an extra day to the festivities, the usual schedule has been altered as well:

July 24: Sign-In, Trivia Contest, Celebrity Banquet at the TPC Snoqualmie Golf Course Banquet Hall

July 25: Bus Tour, Twin Peaks Town Hall and Lynch Movie Night

July 26: Picnic, and introducing Leland Palmer Karaoke Night

July 27: Wrapped in Plastic Party at the beautiful Kiana Lodge

Further details such as this edition’s special guests will be revealed in the coming months, but it’s wise to purchase your tickets today since more than 25% of them were already sold within the first 24 hours.

UPDATEJames Marshall, Kimmy Robertson, Charlotte Stewart, Catherine E. Coulson, Phoebe Augustine and Jonathan Leppell (Pierre Tremond in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me) are the special guests announced so far. More names to follow!

Twin Peaks Fest 2011 Photos (35)

Lenny Von Dohlen, Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee at the 2011 Twin Peaks Fest. Photo by Francine Daveta.



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2015 Twin Peaks Fest Adds Wrapped In Plastic Party And Leland Palmer Karaoke Night

The 2015 Twin Peaks Festival will be held in and around North Bend, WA on July 24-27 2015 and early bird tickets are now available. Don't hesitate too long: tickets are already 25% sold out!

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