Hangin’ With Dale Cooper: Tune In For A Live Video Chat With Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan as Skouras in Believe
Kyle MacLachlan as Skouras in Believe
Kyle MacLachlan in one of his most recent roles, Skouras (Believe)

No, it’s no joke. Kyle MacLachlan has been invited by the Los Angeles Times’ Glenn Whipp for a live video chat on Wednesday, May 20 at 11 AM (PDT).

If you read this on time, you’ll be able to watch it all happen on this page! Until the event goes live, press play to see a countdown. Or you can just check here when it’s happening in your time zone.

And with the recent official Twin Peaks Blu-ray announcement, Kyle is ready to “get Peaksie!” What would you ask Dale Cooper? Post your questions in the comments below and tweet them using #asklatimes.

UPDATE: Fortunately for those who missed it, the Google Hangout is now archived and playable below.

Of course, the most interesting bit got of the interview got glitched due to Killer BOB David Lynch a bad connection, but at the 14:30 mark, it seems like the actor knows more about a possible Twin Peaks continuation in another form:

Somehow [ways that they could do a 3rd season of Twin Peaks] morphed into other things. So, I’m not gonna say anymore…

Is he insinuating something? Like a Twin Peaks novel by Mark Frost? Or a yet to be reveal surprise on the Twin Peaks Blu-ray? What’s your take on it?

Another event you don’t want to miss…

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. darn! i won’t be able to watch this! is there any way possible to repost the live chat after…i really want to know what he has to say! thanks! 🙂

  2. Dear Kyle, I’m interested at how did you come by the apple pie recipe called “omenapiirakka” (if you still remember it that is) and do you have any other experinces / connections regarding Finland? Also what do you miss most about (Filming) Twin Peaks?

  3. Did you ever dance with the dwarf in the black lodge to pass the time ?
    And if so, who had the best moves ?

  4. Approximately how many cherry pies did you eat during the filming of Twin Peaks ?
    And did you take a long break from cherry pie after the filming ended ?

  5. All this time later, what is the the most popular memory you have of filming Twin Peaks ?
    And do you still have the trademark coat ? 😉

  6. What was the funniest out-take you remember ?
    How many attempts did it take you to nail the glass bottle in the rock throwing scene ?

  7. Any thoughts on a “reuninion” or a post-season season special or mini-series on a cable channel and would you be interested in a reboot of the show with special appearances by yourself and other key stars from the show?

  8. Hi Kyle, like a lot of fans I’m very excited about the upcoming bluray release, in great part because it will feature those 90 minutes of deleted scenes. I’m a little anxious too: will the extra material add to the mystery that surrounds Twin Peaks, or could it possibly break some of it? Sometimes more isn’t necessarily better. What are your thoughts on this?

  9. Is this guy interviewing Kyle actually a professional journalist? Oh, wait…L.A. Times. Never mind. Asked and answered.

  10. How much of an input did you have in the visual aesthetic/mannerisms of the Agent Cooper character?

  11. When Charlotte’s husband had performance issues and was kind of a jerk on Sex and the City, that was because you were still possessed by BOB, right?

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