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The Great Northern Hotel Keychain

The Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, WA

Established in 1927, The Great Northern hotel is located slightly north of Twin Peaks, west of Highway 21 and just below the base of Black Lake. With this keepsake hotel keychain, hand-carved and reclaimed from the Packard Mill‘s leftover wood*, you’ll never forget your stay in one of the 102 rooms of Benjamin Horne‘s beautiful retreat with its breathtaking views of the Whitetail Falls.

The Great Northern Hotel Twin Peaks Keychain available at http://welcometotwinpeaks.com

  • Hand-carved in the U.S. from high-quality mesquite and walnut wood (*not really gathered from Packard Mill leftovers)
  • Reads “The Great Northern” and measures about 3″ by 3/4″ (size varies)
  • Keychains keep their natural color; slight color and grain variations make every single one unique
  • Finished with three coats of clear lacquer
  • Comes with a key ring attached: use it with your set of keys, as a zipper pull or attach it to your backpack
  • Wrapped in plastic
  • Shipping within the USA is $3.00, and $4.00 to the rest of the world (or free worldwide if you order 3).
  • NO Douglas firs were harmed in the making of this product!

Unfortunately, The Great Northern Hotel souvenir shop has sold out of these! Leave a comment if you would like to see them return.

The Great Northern Hotel Keychain, hand-carved from the Packard Mill's leftover wood

Hand-carved at the Packard Mill.


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The Great Northern Hotel Keychain

Never forget your stay in Twin Peaks with the Great Northern Hotel Keychain, hand-carved from the Packard Mill's leftover wood.