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Drone Over Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie Falls And The Great Northern As Never Seen Before (Video)

Snoqualmie Falls as seen from a Drone

To test their new camera drone, Seattle-based Hero Creative took the flying robot to the 268 ft (82 m) Snoqualmie Falls next to the Salish Lodge & Spa, respectively known as Whitetail Falls and The Great Northern hotel from Twin Peaks. Drone pilot Andrew Davis took control and, even though they nearly lost the multicopter (Amazon), it safely returned with beautiful aerial footage of one of Washington state’s most popular scenic attractions. Gotta love those big, majestic trees and the iconic Twin Peaks (Mount Si) in the background!

Camera Drone Over Snoqualmie Falls

Watch full-screen if possible!

Yes, you can stay at the Salish Lodge & Spa.

Hat tip to Twin Peaks Fest for sharing.

UPDATE: More Snoqualmie Falls drone footage added below.

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Drone Over Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie Falls And The Great Northern As Never Seen Before (Video)

Twin Peaks like you haven't seen it before! A camera drone shot beautiful aerial footage of Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge (The Great Northern).

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