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Twin Peaks Blu-ray Gets UK Release Date

Starting today, you can pre-order Twin Peaks: Collection (Blu-ray) in the UK!

March 24, 2014

That’s the official release date of the Twin Peaks Blu-ray, at least according to Amazon UK. The geek trivia here: that’s (almost) exactly 25 years after Dale Cooper’s meeting with Laura Palmer in The Black Lodge! We’ll know soon if other releases share this European release date.

UPDATE (MAY 2014): The official release date is now July 29, 2014. Here’s the new pre-order link for Amazon UK.

Pre-order price guarantee is £49.05. That’s about 59 EURO or 79 USD, although prices on those currencies will likely be a little higher.

No word on its region code and contents yet (although there are some speculations) but if you’re a Twin Peaks fan with a Blu-ray player, this should be a day 1 purchase!

Pre-order Twin Peaks: Collection (Blu-ray)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me by Jeremy Saunders

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Twin Peaks Blu-ray Gets UK Release Date

You can pre-order the Twin Peaks: Collection Blu-ray in the UK, to be officially released on March 24, 2014.