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Download The Flying Lotus Remix Of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks Theme

In recent sets, Flying Lotus has been surprising his fans with a 808-heavy hip-hop remix of the Twin Peaks Theme by Angelo Badalamenti. Here’s a snippet from his show at the Upstream Music Festival in Seattle last weekend right at the moment he drops his version, perhaps the first time during a live set.

FlyLo is offering his take on the theme —a slighter slower version than in the video above— as a free download via Soundcloud. “Fun for David Lynch,” he wrote in his tweet announcing the remix.

Flying Lotus – Twin Peaks (Remix of the Twin Peaks Theme)

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Download The Flying Lotus Remix Of Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks Theme

“Fun for David Lynch,” Flying Lotus wrote about his hip-hop remix of the Twin Peaks Theme, now available as a free download!