Isn’t It Too Dreamy? A Twin Peaks Playlist Inspired By Audrey Horne

By popular demand on Facebook and Twitter, Sherilyn Fenn Week smoothly extended into Sherilyn Fennbruary. February is her birthday month after all. With the month almost coming to an end, Welcome to Twin Peaks compiled an Audrey Horne themed Spotify playlist for you to enjoy even beyond #SherilynFennbruary. If there’s one Twin Peaks character deserving of her own playlist, it has got to be Miss Horne, right?

Isn’t It Too Dreamy: An Audrey Horne Inspired Playlist includes over two four hours of music from the fifties and all subsequent decades. Think dreamy reverbs and ethereal vibraphones, from heavenly shoegaze to seductive jazz, from instrumental to doo-wop and from Aphex Twin to The Flamingos.

As always, song recommendations are appreciated in the comments!

Audrey Horne inspired Twin Peaks playlist

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Just like previous Twin Peaks playlists Leland Palmer Gets Happy and Nighttime at the Roadhouse, this one will be continuously updated so make sure you subscribe to its updates by clicking the Follow button in Spotify.

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