Iconic Twin Peaks Locations Get Their Own Vintage Matchbooks

Twin Peaks matchbook series by Steven Rhodes

What if the locations and businesses in Twin Peaks had their own promotional matchbooks?

Graphic designer Steven Rhodes from Brisbane, Australia, asked himself this very question and went off to create this Twin Peaks Matchbook Series, debuting in totality on Welcome to Twin Peaks today.

From The Great Northern to the Black Lodge, there’s a matchbook keepsake for you… no matter how long your stay! Steven’s love for retro design and pulp art seeps through in every one of these imaginary vintage matchbook covers. “Twin Peaks has always evoked a sense of nostalgia,” he tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. “There’s an innocent 1950s aesthetic to the town that contrasts so well with the darkness beneath. It was important that the artwork felt as authentic as possible to the mid-century era.”

Oh, and before you ask…

Yes, prints are available!

Every cover illustration can now be purchased as an 8×8″ art print! They ship free worldwide until June 29, 2017.

The “Visit Twin Peaks” cover is available as a t-shirt, sweatshirt and more at TeePublic.

Twin Peaks Matchbook Series by Steven Rhodes

Wanna play with fire, little boy?

Welcome to Twin Peaks matchbook

Big Ed's Gas Farm matchbook

Double R Diner matchbook

Horne's Department store matchbook

One Eyed Jacks matchbook

Packard Sawmill matchbook

Sheriff's Department matchbook

The Great Northern matchbook

The Black Lodge matchbook