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Twin Peaks Revisited By Mädchen Amick’s Daughter Mina Tobias In “Freedom” Music Video

Meet Mina Tobias.

Mina Tobias with her mother, Mädchen Amick

Mina Tobias with Mädchen Amick (Photo via @minatobias_)

Full name: Mina Tobias Amick-Alexis. Yes, she is the talented and beautiful daughter of talented and beautiful parents Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks’s Shelly Johnson, of course) and musician/producer David Alexis. You might have seen her in Mädchen’s Ice Bucket Challenge video, but every Twin Peaks fan will get to know her today thanks to the artist’s latest music video which includes familiar scenes like this…

Mina Tobias wrapped in plastic for her Twin Peaks inspired music video

And this…

Twin Peaks inspired video by Mina Tobias

Mina Tobias – Freedom (Music Video)

Directed by Melissa Hickey, the video for Freedom is an homage to Twin Peaks and David Lynch in general. Is it because the song itself came to Mina in a dream? Or because the main theme of the song is a road, and nobody does roads better than David “Lost Highway” Lynch.


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Twin Peaks Revisited By Mädchen Amick's Daughter Mina Tobias In “Freedom” Music Video

Mädchen Amick's daughter gets wrapped in plastic for her latest music video inspired by Twin Peaks and David Lynch.

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