Above & Beyond Covers Julee Cruise’s “Falling” During Lockdown

Back when they were allowed to perform live, A&B would enter the stage to ‘Audrey’s Dance.’

Above & Beyond, one of the UK’s leading electronic music acts, today released a cover of Julee Cruise‘s Falling, the vocal version of the Twin Peaks theme song.

“During the early days of lockdown, I was posting Above & Beyond guitar tutorials online and someone suggested we do a Twin Peaks cover in the comments,” A&B’s Tony McGuinness writes on Instagram. He loved the suggestion and that same afternoon reached out to frequent collaborator and Grammy-nominated singer Zoë Johnston.

Above & Beyond featuring Zoe Johnston - Falling (Twin Peaks cover)

McGuinness credits the music of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti as an important reference for the sound of their 2014 album titled Acoustic, to the extent that the band even came on stage to Audrey’s Dance during their album tour.

“Our cover [of Falling] starts out quite faithful to the Julee Cruise original, but using some other 1990s references, it wanders off into its own lovely space,” McGuinness writes. It is out today on various digital platforms.

Listen: Above & Beyond’s Falling featuring Zoë Johnston

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