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Julee Cruise Passes Away (1956-2022)

“I said goodbye to my wife, Julee Cruise, today. She left this realm on her own terms. No regrets. She is at peace,” her husband writes on Facebook.
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It is with great sadness I write that Julee Cruise has passed away on June 9, 2022. She was 65. And one in a million.

Moving near the edge at night
Dust is dancing in the space
A dog and bird are far away
The sun comes up and down each day
Light and shadow change the walls
Halley’s comet’s come and gone
The things I touch are made of stone
Falling through this night alone

Julee Cruise at the 2016 Twin Peaks Festival
Julee Cruise dedicating “The World Spins” to the late Catherine E. Coulson at the 2016 Twin Peaks Festival. “This one’s for you, Catherine.”

Her husband, editor and author Edward Grinnan, reported her passing to a B-52’s fan group on Facebook with the following message:

For those of you who go back, I thought you might want to know that I said goodbye to my wife, Julee Cruise, today. She left this realm on her own terms. No regrets. She is at peace. Having had such a varied music career she often said that the time she spent as a B filling in for Cindy while she was having a family was the happiest time of her performing life. She will be forever grateful to them. When she first stepped up to the mic with Fred and Kate she said it was like joining the Beatles. She will love them always and never forget their travels together around the world. I played her Roam during her transition. Now she will roam forever. Rest In Peace, my love, and love to you all.

In 2018, the performer told her fans on Facebook that she suffered chronic pain from systemic lupus.

Julee Cruise performing Falling at Top Of The Pops on 22/11/90

Julee Cruise started working with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti on Blue Velvet’s Mysteries of Love and became the enigmatic Roadhouse singer in the first two seasons of Twin Peaks, eventually taking the stage again in the recent 2017 season. She’s also known for touring with the B-52’s as Cindy Wilson’s touring stand-in, performing with Bobby McFerrin’s improvisational vocal group Voicestra/CircleSong, as well as collaborations with Deee-Lite’s Supa DJ Dmitry, Pharrell And Handsome Boy Modeling School, Moby, and many more.

I am thankful my last interaction with Julee happened only 3 weeks ago. In response to her message, I wrote “#juleecruisemusic all day long.” Well, Julee, forget that. #JuleeCruiseMusic for life!

Julee Cruise @welcometotwinpeaks Instagram

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

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  1. Amy McVeigh says:

    So incredibly saddened to hear we have lost Julee — she was a star in every best way, and the beauty of her soul sang through her…#JuleeCruisemusicforever

  2. Franck says:

    I am so sad to come visit this great website, and too many times learning that a Lynch collaborator has passed away…

    Julee Cruise had a very specific, angelic voice and was the perfect choice for the Twin Peaks Universe. There always was a great sense of sadness in her voice too… I pretty much own her 2 Lynch/Badalementi albums + other projects of hers, like her third album, and a CD with Hybrid, and the Scream soundtrack…

    An other page has been turned… We’re fading away…

  3. John S says:

    Man ? her music has been such a part of my life since 1990. Heartbreaking news

  4. Robert A Weirick says:

    She was in Twin Peaks The Return for about 5 seconds thanks to who?

    • IGN says:

      100% true, and sand. When I first knew that Twin Peaks was returning, my first thought was that hopefully there would be a new song or group of songs written by Badalamenti and Lynch and sung by the great Julee. Her 2 albums are the most heard music of all my life, so I really would have loved to listen to new “magical music”. Instead, she only had 1 minute in 1 episode singing The World Spins. I really expected much more. I’m really sad, because I don’t watch Twin Peaks every day, but I’ve been listening to Julee almost daily since 1997. It’s a great loss… She will be always rocking back inside my heart and floating into my mind… Rest in peace, dear Julee, THE VOICE… she was pure magic…

  5. Todd Barneck says:

    Very few musicians have made me cry-hearing the passing of Julee has me crying my eyes out. Will be listening to her albums for the rest of the day, and rest of my life. Thanks for all the wonderful original music Julee!

  6. Julee was the finest singer and made the Twin Peaks immortal. Life by its pain can become a sad song for us – which I feel is what happened to her. Rest in Peace!

  7. Sylvan says:

    Julee, I love you so much.
    Thank you.
    Rest in beautiful peace.

  8. Viviana says:

    Mi unisco al rammarico, la sua musica e la sua voce hanno accompagnato momenti della mia vita e continueranno a farlo. Altri come me che ancora non la conoscono, si innamoreranno della sua arte e legheranno i loro momenti alla sua voce. Grazie e Buon viaggio Julee

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