Queen Elizabeth II Twin Peaks Speech

Queen Elizabeth II Has A Special Message To Those Staying At Home Watching Twin Peaks

“Protect the vulnerable… and the Queen!”

In her rare and widely lauded televised address to the nation, one of the world’s most eminent Twin Peaks fans, Queen Elizabeth II, took some time to thank her fellow fans for staying at home binge-watching the now 30-year-old show.

OK, so that’s not exactly what happened, but a huge thanks to Gabriele Achilli for making perfect use of the Queen’s ‘green screen’ dress she wore during her “We will succeed” Coronavirus speech.

It wouldn’t be that far of a stretch though. We know from Paul McCartney by way of Angelo Badalamenti that Her Majesty The Queen was a die-hard Twin Peaks fan during its original run in the ’90s. In fact, the Crown was so glued to the show that she preferred a new episode over a live Paul McCartney performance at her home.

Here’s the story as famously recounted by Angelo Badalamenti:

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Written by Pieter Dom

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