Happy 68th Birthday, David Lynch! Enjoy These Fan Tributes & Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday, David Lynch! By Joey

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Welcome to Twin Peaks, but more about that later. Most important things first:

Happy birthday, David Lynch!

Throughout the day, this post will be constantly updated with original birthday wishes and tributes to David Lynch coming from you, his fans. Feel free to get in touch if you have made something special for the occasion, or mention @welcometotwinpeaks if you post it to Instagram. Welcome to Twin Peaks is dedicating the entire week to the man, so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for extras.

Party Hat David Lynch

Party horn > cigarette. Image by Joey.
Happy birthday, David Lynch! By Joey

David Lynch’s Rabbits: “Yadhtrib Yppah”

Enjoy this wonderful video by Ivan Zaidenberg featuring Inland Empire’s Rabbits singing Just You & I from Twin Peaks, with birthday wishes at the end.

Happy Birthday, David Lynch

Collage by David Cowles. David Lynch collage by David Cowles

David Lynch – Good Day Today, Let’s Rock!

Watch Gui Eastwood’s video montage to David Lynch’s Good Day Today.

David Lynch by Andrea Lupo By Andrea Lupo.

Birthday wishes for David Lynch by the students of the David Lynch Film MA, class of 2014

Video made by Amine Kouider, McNamus Woodend, and Jake.

David Lynch by Kurt Belcher

By Kurt Belcher.

Ringo Starr, Eric Burden, Ben Folds and others sing “Happy Birthday” to David Lynch

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Written by Pieter Dom

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