These Fans Threw A Twin Peaks Halloween Party You’ll Wish You Were Invited To

Twin Peaks Halloween Party 2017

After three months of planning and spending weekends chipping away at it, this is how Richard Evans —what’s in a name?— and their gang in Texas (!) welcomed trick-or-treaters on Halloween. “We will probably keep The Arm up and put a Santa hat on him,” Richard tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. Awesome job, Richard (Dale Cooper & Dougie) and Katelyn (Laura’s doppelgänger & Candie)!

Did you dress up as a Twin Peaks character? Share your photos and videos in the comments!


Our Twin Peaks Halloween

Twin Peaks Halloween: Candie girls

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. Nice video! Still, it’s missing a few elements, like Leo saying “New shoes…” and one of the woodsmen doing the “This is the water…” poem into a microphone. Also, how can you have the Red room without someone singing?

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