King of the Flies 2, a French Twin Peaks graphic novel

If you’re into graphic novels and Twin Peaks, the second installment in the King of the Flies comic book trilogy should be worth the read, since Fantagraphics Books describes King of the Flies Vol. 2: The Origin of the World as:

A French Twin Peaks graphic novel as written by Stephen King and drawn by Charles Burns. adds:

The vibe is somewhere between Charles Burns’ Black Hole and Blue Velvet, with a soundtrack of Misfits singles, Stones bootlegs and too-intense techno.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued by Mezzo and Pirus’ latest work. Here’s a video preview:

» Download an exclusive 7-page PDF containing the entire first chapter of King of the Flies Vol. 2 here.

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I also spotted a few other graphic novels over at Fantagraphics Books that should be an interesting read for David Lynch fans:

Chance in Hell by Gilbert Hernandez:

Gilbert Hernandez remains the most consistently surprising and shocking storyteller in comics and this ‘exploitation movie’ featuring one of his characters in a supporting ‘role’ is a tale of survival, coming of age and emotional damage that’s as spooky and dark as any movie by David Lynch.” – Adi Tantimedh

If alternative comics can be equated to independent film, then Hernandez has become the medium’s David Lynch or Guy Maddin, rolling his personal obsessions and freewheeling abstractions into stories that present as pulp, then take some very weird turns. In Chance In Hell… Hernandez may be intending to explore the symbiotic nature of human exploitation, but mostly, he’s just tripping through his fevered psyche, and drawing images and situations with the unwanted clarity of nightmares. – The Best Comics of 2007, The Onion A.V. Club

Black Hole: Red curtains

The Black Hole series by Charles Burns:

Charles Burns’s opus Black Hole does for the teen romance what David Lynch’s Twin Peaks did for the television soap: it reinvents the genre as a surreal nightmare. – The List

Hwy. 115 by Matthias Lehmann

“All the basic elements of David Lynch’s film work can be seen in Hwy. 115, without ever sliding into plagiarism… It’s not difficult to interpret thte gesture of scratching through a thick layer of black to allow the light to shine out as an allegory for psychoanalysis and, by extension, for the detective story… Lehmann displays in this book an honesty that has long been missing from Lynch’s predigested cinema.” – Chronic’art

Like A Velvet Glove by Daniel Clowes:

Collects all 10 chapters of Eightball‘s terrifying and fascinating journey into madness that makes Twin Peaks look like Teletubbies.

Pixy by Max Andersson:

That Pixy put me in mind of Chester Brown’s Ed the Happy Clown, Jules Feiffer’s Tantrum, and David Lynch’s Eraserhead is a testament to its quality: it’s a unique and original work of power and utter weirdness. Pixy takes us somewhere horrible and delirious and new; it’s the best comic I’ve read this year. – Neil Gaiman

Mean by Steven Weissman:

“The ‘Yikes’ series chronicles the adventures of a bunch of kids who happen to also be firechiefs, vampires, zombies, big wheel racecar drivers, and other things that generally come off as a charming sci-fi/David Lynch reinvention of Peanuts/Our Gang/etc. It’s fucking adorable.” – Funnybook Babylon

If you are aware of any other Lynchian comic books, please share your knowledge in the comments!

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