We Reviewed Every Pie Emoji So Dale Cooper Doesn’t Have To

Which platform has the pie emoji that’ll kill ya?

Every pie emoji reviewed. You're welcome, Coop!

Added to most apps and platforms back in 2017, it’s time to rate every pie emoji from Apple’s mystery pie to WhatsApp’s cherry pie so Agent Cooper doesn’t have to.

Apple - Wonderfully baked crust. A little disappointed by the lack of symmetry in the cutting of the vents. 9/10

Pie Emoji Review Google

Pie Emoji Review Microsoft

Pie Emoji Review Whatsapp

Pie Emoji Review Twitter

Pie Emoji Review Facebook

Pie Emoji Review Joypixels

Pie Emoji Review Openmoji

Pie Emoji Review Samsung

Pie Emoji Review Emojidex

Pie Emoji Review Emojipedia

Inspired by curlicue.

Next up: coffee emoji!

Justin F Charles

Written by Justin F. Charles

Justin is a high school teacher, runner, and award-winning pie baker. He was knighted by the French government in 2017. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his husband and their four dogs.

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