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Directed by David Lynch t-shirt

Directed By David Lynch T-Shirt

Do you sometimes feel like you live inside a David Lynch movie? Do you drop Dale Cooper quotes on the regular? Do you dance like a man from another place? Then this "Directed by David Lynch" t-shirt is for you.
Let's Rock! Twin Peaks t-shirt

Let’s Rock! 8-Bit Pixel Art T-Shirt

Officially releasing this Twin Peaks t-shirt that I've been wearing myself for a while, featuring The Man From Another Place in 8-bit pixel art form! I also made a mirrored version for the ubergeek.
I love Laura Palmer t-shirt

I Love Laura Palmer T-Shirt

James Hurley, Bobby Briggs, Benjamin Horne, Harold Smith, Dr. Jacoby, Josie Packard (!)... The whole town of Twin Peaks loved Laura Palmer! Didn't you? Show your love with this t-shirt.
Black Lodge Burlesque 2012

Black Lodge Burlesque Returns To Portland

Because it was so packed and fun last time, Sign of the Beast Burlesque and Go Go Rocket Productions are bringing The Black Lodge Burlesque back to Portland, Oregon for not one, but two nights.