Killer Bobblehead Is Eager For Fun!

Killer Bobblehead would be hands down the scariest bobbing head doll (Amazon) in the world of collectible toys. If Killer Bobblehead could talk, it would randomly scream things like: “I’ll catch you with my death bag” and “Fire walk with me” without requiring batteries or eeee-lec-tri-ci-tyyyyy. It would also start wobbling frantically in the presence of creamed corn.

Killer Bobblehead prototype

I’m telling you, one day, this will be a real thing. For now, all we have is a design mockup. And these…

» Killer Bobblehead t-shirt (available in various colors).

Killer Bobblehead t-shirt by

» Clear Killer Bobblehead phone case.

Killer BOBblehead clear phone case