Google “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” And Other Twin Peaks Questions To Discover Secret Videos

Start investigating now! 

Showtime has quietly launched a Google ad campaign where some common Twin Peaks related search queries lead to hidden 1-minute YouTube videos promoting The Return using footage from the original.

For instance, try a Google search for “What is the Black Lodge?” and you’ll see the following top result (note that this Google ad campaign is targeted exclusively to people in the United States).

UPDATE: Also works in Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Google What is the Black Lodge?

Click through to watch the video below.

Here are five more search queries and their videos. Can you find any others?

Google “What is Twin Peaks about?”

Google “Where is Twin Peaks?”

Google “Who is Agent Cooper?”

Google “Who killed Laura Palmer?” (Spoiler Alert)

Google “Where can I watch Twin Peaks?”