Brent Briscoe, who recently portrayed Detective Dave Macklay in the third season of Twin Peaks, passed away in Los Angeles the morning of October 18, 2017. The 56-year-old actor was surrounded by his father, Carl, his sister, Shelly, and his brother, Kent. The sad news was first shared by a friend on Facebook.

Brent Briscoe as Detective Macklay in Twin Peaks Season 3

David Lynch first cast Briscoe alongside Robert Forster as Detective Domgaard in Mulholland Drive (2001). In a similar role as a South Dakotan police detective, he starred in 7 “parts” of the new Twin Peaks. The Moberly-born actor hasn’t talked publicly about his experiences on the set, but maybe we’ll see him in some of the behind-the-scenes footage on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release.

UPDATE: David Lynch issues an official statement on Briscoe’s passing.

I want you to know how much I loved working with Brent.  I worked with him on “Mulholland Drive” and “Twin Peaks.”  I loved him as an actor and a great person.  I’m holding good thoughts for all of you. I will really miss working with Brent again.

Robert Forster and Brent Briscoe in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

Briscoe also appeared as JJ in Parks and Recreation, Jimbo Rooney in Desperate Housewives, Bill Dodge in The Green Mile, and Lou in A Simple Plan, to name just a few of his other nearly 100 TV and movie credits.

UPDATE: Year of birth corrected.

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