Jenny Gabrielsson Mare – “The Black Lodge” (Video)

Jenny Gabrielsson Mare - The Black LodgeLast night I had a dream I fell in love with Laura Palmer,” writes Jenny Gabrielsson Mare in an e-mail to Welcome to Twin Peaks. She sure knows how to capture my attention.

Mare is a Swedish indie vaudeville jazz pop artist who describes her music as “sensual, beautiful and theatrical, flirting with cabaret, darkness, hope and drama.” That certainly goes for her song called The Black Lodge from Mare’s second album, which is obviously inspired by Twin Peaks. And I’m very glad the accompanying video is exactly as expected!

Take me to the Black Lodge, the Black Lodge, the Black Lodge…

Jenny Gabrielsson Mare – The Black Lodge (Video)


Laura, turns to me, she says

Fire, and then she turns away

Oh love, I long to feel like her

Fire, I’d like to feel it burn

Take me to the black lodge

Laura, oh she grabs my hand

Fire, Fire walk with me

Take me to the black lodge

Listen to the entire album, The Ritual:

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