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Watch David Lynch’s Viennale 2011 Trailer

David Lynch directed the trailer for the Viennale, the International Film Festival in Vienna, Austria from October 20 till November 2 2011. It’s called The 3 Rs and it’s… well, what you expect it to be. Watch it here and feel free to comment:

Once again this year the Viennale could win a big name director für the realization of their festival trailer. None other than the legendary American film maker David Lynch followed the invitation of the Viennale and realized a one minute cinematographical miniature with the titel The 3 Rs. A film in which the abysmal, fantastic Lynchian cosmos is compacted in a short sequence of images and sound in a very haunting way. After film makers such as Stan Brakhage, Leos Carax, Agnès Varda or Jean-Luc Godard, the history of the Viennale trailer has been continued with another significant artist of contemporary cinema.

David Lynch Viennale 2011 trailer

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Watch David Lynch's Viennale 2011 Trailer

David Lynch directed this trailer for the Viennale 2011 in Vienna, Austria.