Laura Dern’s List Of 23 Unanswered Twin Peaks Questions (Video)

Longtime David Lynch collaborator Laura Dern, who is in the new series , teases us with as many unanswered Twin Peaks questions she can cram into 90 seconds.

Are your most burning questions on Laura’s list? What else are you hoping to find out?


  1. What is the Black Lodge?
  2. Did Audrey Horne survive the bomb at the bank?
  3. What about Pete? And Andrew Packard?
  4. Is Ben Horne Donna’s father?
  5. Did Leo get eaten by tarantulas?
  6. Where the heck did James go?
  7. Is Dale BOB?
  8. Is Leland BOB?
  9. Is Laura BOB?
  10. Who is BOB?
  11. Does Nadine have her memories back?
  12. What’s up with these owls?
  13. What happened to Anne?*
  14. Are Andy and Lucy gonna be happy?
  15. Is Windom Earle trapped in the Black Lodge?
  16. Are the Giant and the old man the same?
  17. Are Bobby and Shelly gonna get married?
  18. Did Doc Hayward kill Ben?
  19. Will Ed get to be with Norma or Nadine?
  20. Will Mike get to be with Nadine?
  21. Will the Log Lady get her car back?**
  22. Where are Nadine’s drape runners?
  23. What’s going on?

*Laura clearly says “Anne” instead of Annie. Make of this what you will.

**Laura obviously means Pete’s car, stolen by Windom Earle disguised as the Log Lady.