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Audrey Horne

Audrey Music Bundle: Isn’t It Too Dreamy?

Earlier this week, Audrey's Dance got a Sims 3 remake and today, the David Lynch Music Company added an 11-track Audrey Horne Bundle to the Twin Peaks Archive for just $3.99.
A Sound Installation Tribute to Dune (2)

A Sound Installation Tribute to Dune

From Phantasma Disques, the independent label that brought you the various witch house tributes to Twin Peaks, here's a compilation of tracks inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune.

White Lodge Rumble Added To Twin Peaks Archive

Originally titled Lowest Circle in Hell in the Twin Peaks Archive, White Lodge Rumble is just that… the lowest, most moody, bass-rich of the slow-speed material employed in the series.

Miss Twin Peaks Bundle Released

With the Miss Twin Peaks Theme, Badalamenti does his part by wrapping the sequence in an appropriate musical bow…giving a nod to the golden-era That's Entertainment.
Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcasts O’ Plenty

Usually there's just one, but this week I have to point you to three new Twin Peaks podcasts! People just love to talk Twin Peaks, nothing strange about that.
Moby on David Lynch

Moby On David Lynch And His Killer Bob Facebook Profile Picture

Without Twin Peaks, nobody might've ever heard of Moby. It was the Laura Palmer's Theme-sampling Go that put Richard Melville Hall (that's his real name) on the map of 90s electronic music. Luckily for us, the Harlem-born musician went on to do (even) great(er) stuff. In a recent interview by The Creators Project, Moby mentions Twin Peaks and its creator, David Lynch.

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