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catherine coulson

A Voyage to Twin Peaks by Scott Ryan

A Voyage To Twin Peaks (Documentary)

Scott Ryan shot a documentary at the 25th Twin Peaks Fest and captured not just the last festival before David Lynch started filming the new series, but also Catherine Coulson's last fest appearance.
Have you seen this log?

Log Lady’s Log Goes Missing

Actress Catherine E. Coulson informed Welcome to Twin Peaks on Saturday of the dreadful news that her log, the actual prop carried by The Log Lady, has disappeared from its storage place.
Meet The Lady: The Women of Twin Peaks

Meet The Lady: The Women Of Twin Peaks With Sheryl Lee And Catherine Coulson

Two weeks ahead of the almost completely sold-out 20th anniversary screenings of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at 92Y in New York City, Tom Blunt will host a comedic tribute to the women of Twin Peaks. While they will not attend in person, I just got confirmation that Sheryl Lee and Catherine Coulson have agreed to call in to the show!