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Fan Phenomena - Twin Peaks

Pre-Order Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks Book

Last year, editors over at Intellect Press reached out to us seeking contributions for Fan Phenomena – Twin Peaks, a book for fans by the fans. Starting today, you can pre-order this book right here.
Dale Cooper and Sheriff Truman

Twin Peaks Book Seeking Contributions

The editors of the forthcoming book Fan Phenomena - Twin Peaks on Intellect Press are seeking contributions centered around the iconic cultural influence of the series.
Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer

Sheryl Lee Reading From The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer

If you're wondering what an audio book version of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer as narrated by Sheryl Lee would sound like, this 40-second compilation will give you a very good idea. The sound bites were taken from the Alan Thicke explains Twin Peaks recap show that aired between seasons, and pasted back-to-back by YouTube user blodme.
Twin Peaks alphabet

Twin Peaks ABC Book

Jason Deehr, the extremely creative fan responsible for the TP Fest 2011 teaser video(s) and plenty of other Twin Peaks fan art, recently surprised us with the Twin Peaks A-Z Book.
King of the Flies Vol. 2

King of the Flies 2, a French Twin Peaks graphic novel

If you're into graphic novels and Twin Peaks, the second installment in the King of the Flies comic book trilogy might be worth the read. According to Fantagraphics Books, King of the Flies Vol. 2: The Origin of the World is "a French Twin Peaks graphic novel as written by Stephen King and drawn by Charles Burns."

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