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Mark Frost: 45 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Close To Release

There's about 45 minutes of deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and if you ask Mark Frost, we're going to see them soon.
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In an interview with British magazine, SciFiNow, Mark Frost gives us a good chunk of hope that we’re going to see those much-anticipated deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me after all.

There’s a large chunk of the movie that’s never been seen because David (Lynch) had to cut it down to a more manageable length for release, and we’re hoping that sometime in the next couple of years we’re gonna be able to release those scenes. There’s about 45 minutes of material so that’s something people will be able to see pretty soon.

Mark Frost was not involved in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but as the series’ co-creator and friend of David Lynch and Bob Engels (who co-wrote the movie), he knows what he’s talking about. And back in 2008, David Lynch himself told WNYC’s Nathan Lee that he’s pretty sure there are at least 17 scenes. So, yes, I think we have a confirmation for about 45 minutes of unreleased Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me material, to be expected “in the next couple of years” or as he calls it: “pretty soon.” UPDATE: The upcoming Twin Peaks Blu-ray release is rumored to include Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me AND its deleted scenes!

Further in the interview, he is asked how many season he had in mind for Twin Peaks if the show hadn’t been axed after its second season.

Well, I know we were certainly geared up to do a third year. The number five always stuck in my head. I felt we had started something that – with our full attention – could have ran for five seasons. It was what it was then, and who knows what will happen in the future, so we’ll see.

Make sure you dig into Dugpa’s excellent script-to-screen comparison (part 1part 2, part 3 and part 4) if you want to get an idea of what to expect of the deleted scenes.

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What's your response to this?


  1. cleo says:

    Good news!

  2. who says:

    there was definitely more confirmed material than 45 minutes according to lynch for a long time

  3. WOW says:

    Frost and Engels have made remarks earlier about not being sure how many of the extra scenes from the script had actually been shot and preserved. Frost said he had to look into it, which he clearly now has.

    It’s very possible that Lynch has simply hand-picked some scenes for restauration and proper scoring, there was talk about this about a decade ago before MK2 changed their minds.

    Lynch saying there was more doesn’t mean it will all be on this thing. Whether the rest is out due to the restauration budget, quality or simply being lost is hard to say.

  4. Stan says:

    Release all the deleted scenes. I was a huge Fan of “Fire Walk with Me”. The deleted scenes are now “Legendary” and fans who have kept this show alive should be rewarded somehow. I also think that “Twin Peaks” could easily be revived. A new generation of terror can emerge from the Black Lodge” and besides what a great way to start up the series again with Agent Cooper escaping the lodge after 25 years…

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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