A Witch House And Okkvlt Tribute To Twin Peaks Volume 3 Preview

No. There’s nothing wrong with your computer’s audio driver nor video card. The ethereal and chopped-up music embedded below can be categorized as “witch house” and will be featured on A Witch House And Okkvlt Tribute To ^II^s Volume 3, the third installment in the Twin Peaks witch house compilations by Phantasma Disques. The album will be out on January 15th 2012, but you can already pre-order one of the 125 limited copies here.

A Witch House And Okklt Tribute To Twin Peaks Volume 3 A Witch House And Okkvlt Tribute To Twin Peaks Volume 3 back cover
The full track listing of A Witch House And Okkvlt Tribute To Twin Peaks Volume 3:

  1. spf5Ø- DVGP?
  2. Solo1 – Laura Palmer is Dead
  3. The Electric Nature – Shut Yr Eyes and Y’ll Burst Into Flames
  4. Mater Suspiria Vision feat. Carmen Incarnadine – NUMB
  6. ?dirtyph?rm?ceutic?ls? – White Clouds
  7. pyramids of mu – diane
  8. Aseptic Void – The World Spins (The Other Twin Peaks)
  9. ??? sycorax – teenage murder (laura mix)
  10. M‡?c?ll? – WHO-R-U
  11. Venom Vampires – Garmonbozia [Pain and Sorrow]
  12. Ellie Herring – Plastic Arrest
  13. Kimono Kops – The Voice Of Love
  14. BL?CK † CEILING – TW1N P34KS
  15. Heartworms – Fire Walk With Me

I’ve been able to track down half of the tracks already for a quick album preview. Weird, weirder, witch house! Let me know what you think.

spf5Ø- DVGP?

My Secret Name Is Laura by Witch Boy



WHO-R-U by M‡?c?ll?

The Voice of Love by Kimono Kops

Fire Walk With Me by Heartworms

The World Spins (The Other Twin Peaks) by Aseptic Void

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Sounds quite interesting, I think I’ll go for it as well. Shame the first vol. is out of print now though, I’d love to have the whole set.

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