David Lynch Shares “The Adventures Of Alan R.”

Alan R. is NOT going to catch the big fish today.

The Adventures Of Alan R. by David Lynch

Today, 7/7/2020, David Lynch uploaded a previously unreleased 1-minute short titled THE ADVENTURES OF ALAN R. to his bustling David Lynch Theater YouTube channel. The name of the titular character is possibly a reference to Alan R. Splet, David Lynch’s sound designer on Eraserhead, Dune, and Blue Velvet among other projects. Then again, of course, it could be completely random.

The sound of a ticking clock in the background, we see a severed head on a floor with a Photoshopped chevron pattern reminiscent of the one in Twin Peaks and Eraserhead. The sculpted head is heavily breathing and repeatedly utters it is not going fishing. Without any arms and legs, it’s not hard to figure out why that is.

I am NOT going fishing, mom. Mom… I am not going fishing.

The Adventures Of Alan R. by David Lynch

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Written by Pieter Dom

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