This 7 Feet Wide Twin Peaks Chalk Mural Portrays Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Killer BOB, And 17 Other Characters

Twin Peaks chalk mural by Justin Cozens

Since 2011, Justin Cozens has been covering the walls of Toronto bar Unlovable with impressive chalk murals. “They give me beer, I pick the themes,” the artist tells us, and his latest theme is right up our alley. Justin’s most recent chalk pastel action resulted in this 42 by 84 inches Twin Peaks mural (that’s 3.5 by 7 feet, or more than 1 by 2 meters), something he wanted to do for a while.

Click the photo for a larger version

Twin Peaks chalk mural by Justin Cozens

The Twin Peaks chalk mural portrays 20 of the show’s most memorable characters, including Dale Cooper, the Giant and the Man from Another Place, the Log Lady, Audrey Horne, Killer BOB and Nadine Hurley. It will be up for another month or two but much to my surprise, the bar has not planned any Twin Peaks themed events. If you’re nearby Unlovable on 1415 Dundas St W in Toronto in the near future, go check this massive piece out.

Here’s a photo from early August when it was still a work in progress.

Making of Justin Cozen's Twin Peaks chalk mural

A side view to give you some idea of the size.

Side view of the Twin Peaks chalk mural

More photos, close-ups and a video of the mural courtesy of Richard Rhymes and shot at the mural’s farewell party on November 25.

Twin Peaks chalk mural

Killer BOB - Twin Peaks chalk mural

The Giant - Twin Peaks chalk mural

Man From Another Place - Twin Peaks chalk mural

Dale Cooper - Twin Peaks chalk mural

Here are some of Justin’s previous murals, all worth checking out.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation chalk mural by Justin Cozens

Murray’s (Bill Muray meets Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks)

Murray's chalk mural based on Hopper's Nighthawks by Justin Cozens


X-Men chalk mural by Justin Cozens

The Warriors

The Warriors chalk mural by Justin Cozens


Ghostbusters chalk mural by Justin Cozens

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