Michael Jackson In The Red Room

A few days ago I tweeted that whenever I hear Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal”, I think of Special Agent Dale Cooper looking at the man in the mirror

Today I found out there is a connection between Michael Jackson and Twin Peaks. Apparently, the King Of Pop is still alive, and sometimes he hooks up with The Little Man From Another Place for a dance off in the Red Room!

Imagine an Angelo Badalamenti version of “Billie Jean” playing back in the background while reading this…

Klawnoom in The Red Room (Get it? It’s “moonwalk” spelled backwards!)

Michael Jackson in the Twin Peaks Red Room

This wonderful Twin Peaks inspired comic was made by Jeremy Kramer and Eric Vaughn from Truck Bearing Kibble.

BONUS VIDEO: David Lynch once directed a 30-second intro for Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous, the short films.”

Lots of blue: CHECK. Lots of red: CHECK. Fire: CHECK. Strobes: CHECK. Yup, this is Lynch:

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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