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Watch 10,000 Burning Matches Spell A Famous Twin Peaks Tagline (Video)

With multiple videos featuring blow torches and massive, massive quantities of matches, you can tell from his “Fire Walk with Me” YouTube channel that Bartlomiej Serwanski loves to play with fire.

After several experiments with fire chain reactions —an art similar to domino toppling, but with burning things— he decided to pay tribute to one of his favorite shows, Twin Peaks. Instead of the more obvious “Fire walk with me,” you’ll see the show’s most memorable tagline go up in flames.

It took Bartlomiej 30 hours to complete this fire domino, he tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. The number of matches used? “About 10,000.” Knowing all that, you probably won’t even consider, but just for the record, do not try this at home!

Who Killed Laura Palmer – Fire Domino/Chain Reaction Tribute

Check out these vintage matchbook designs based on iconic Twin Peaks locations.

BONUS: Burning Heart (13,000 Matches)

BONUS: Chessboard



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Watch 10,000 Burning Matches Spell A Famous Twin Peaks Tagline (Video)

Arguably the most famous Twin Peaks tagline goes up in flames in this blazing tribute.

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