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 Why does Ray say when calling "phillip" , " I saw something Cooper, and it couldbe the key to this whole thing"

As if the person he is talking to on the phones' name is Phillip Cooper. 

It's just after he shoots Mr C and the woodsmen gather around

Posted : 18/09/2017 8:29 pm
Chief Moderator

I think he was talking to "phillip" saying something more like "I saw something.......Cooper......"  I think it was more of a disjointed statement of disbelief that he saw something happen to Cooper.

Posted : 04/06/2018 1:21 pm
RR Diner Patron

I heard it as "I saw something in Cooper..." referring to the BOB blob.

Posted : 04/06/2018 3:26 pm Brandy Fisher liked
Chief Moderator
Posted by: KingDaddyDog

I heard it as "I saw something in Cooper..." referring to the BOB blob.

Yes, that seems right!

Posted : 04/06/2018 3:27 pm

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