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Roadhouse Regular

It looks like Nadine has her silent drape shop? We must be in an alternate reality. 

Also, candy behaves like a robotized maniken. I still don't think she is real.




Posted : 17/07/2017 4:43 am Lynn Watson liked

Totally psyched that Nadine didn't give up on her silent drape runners. COTTON BALLS!

Posted : 24/07/2017 12:52 am Bela Moschkovich, Christen Phillips and GaryMc liked
Roadhouse Regular

If Nadine is happy then I'm happy for her. Still waiting to see Big Ed in The Return.

Posted : 24/07/2017 10:29 am
Roadhouse Regular

I hate to admit this, but I never cared for the Nadine character.  Something about her just always irked me. 

Posted : 26/07/2017 9:33 am
Chief Moderator

Pretty sure she irked everybody in town.

Posted : 26/07/2017 1:23 pm

Ed's daily thought in his life with Nadine: "OMG..."

Hopefully they are not still together.

Fire Walk With Me

Posted : 26/07/2017 11:46 pm
RR Diner Patron
Posted by: James M Sweeney

If Nadine is happy then I'm happy for her. Still waiting to see Big Ed in The Return.

totally agree, and I'm really hoping we'll get Big Ed and the Bookhouse Boys back in action soon! ( I always remember a scene from 'waiting room' when Laura gives the secret Bookhouse signal to Dale)

I have total recall of everything and anything I ever made up.

Posted : 26/07/2017 11:57 pm

I'm waiting to find out if Big Ed managed to get with Norma or if he stuck with Nadine in the end. 

Hoping the former!

Posted : 27/07/2017 11:52 am

I had the sense that Nadine was living in the back of her shop ("run silent run drape"- nice). I infer from that that they are not together. One wonders, however, how she is supporting herself and the shop. The market for silent drape runners seems to be a niche. Of one.

I AM the FBI.

Posted : 27/07/2017 1:03 pm Myn0k liked

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