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new york

Twin Peaks Bingo

Twin Peaks Bingo

Videology in Brooklyn, NY is soon kicking off their weekly Twin Peaks Bingo nights. The audience will receive bingo cards with characters, motifs and catch phrases, and will be able to score free drinks or maybe the grand prize: a whole cherry pie!
Julee Cruise - Falling (Field Mouse cover)

Field Mouse Covers Falling By Julee Cruise

Field Mouse from Brooklyn, NY describes itself as a dream pop band and is there a song dreamier than Falling by Julee Cruise? No, so here's their as good as obligatory cover.
Magick - A ritual for BOB

Halloween Party To Summon The Presence Of BOB

To celebrate their first anniversary, Silent Drape Runners are organizing a Halloween party where they will, hold on to your seat, perform a ritual to summon the presence of the ultimate evil, BOB.