Hudson Mohawke Debuts Unreleased “Human” At The Twin Peaks Roadhouse

As previously demonstrated by Trouble, Jean-Michel Renault is not only booking dream pop bands at the Roadhouse. Dark and minimal electronic music has found its way into Twin Peaks as well.

While Ella (Sky Ferreira) and Chloe (Karolina Wydra) talk about a zebra, a penguin and some kind of wicked rash, producer Hudson Mohawke is seen warming up the Roadhouse crowd for another Au Revoir Simone appearance with an unreleased track called “Human.”

Whether HudMo’s track will appear on Twin Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series) (Amazon) hasn’t been confirmed yet, but you can listen to the clip here.

Hudson Mohawke – Human (Twin Peaks: The Return Part 9)


Hudson Mohawke - Human (Roadhouse, Twin Peaks)