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Twin Peaks Cast As Cartoon Characters

What if Twin Peaks returned, but with one big difference… it would be an animated series?

Alejandro from Denton, Texas, also known as neoalxtopi, shows us what it could look like. The illustrator took 34 cast members and reimagined them as cartoon characters.

Can you see these come alive in a third season?

Twin Peaks cast as cartoon characters by neoalxtopi

I’ve singled out some of my favorites:

The Log Lady by neoalxtopi

The Log Lady

Dr. Jacoby by neoalxtopi

Dr. Jacoby

Gordon Cole by neoalxtopi

Gordon Cole

Windom Earle by neoalxtopi

Windom Earle

Deputy Brennan by neoalxtopi

Andy Brennan

Lucy Moran by neoalxtopi

Lucy Moran

Donna Hayward by neoalxtopi

Donna Hayward

Big Ed by neoalxtopi

Big Ed

The Giant by neoalxtopi

The Giant

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Twin Peaks Cast As Cartoon Characters

If Twin Peaks returned as an animated series: the Twin Peaks cast reimagined as cartoon characters.