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the great northern

Twin Peaks by Ultradialectics

Moody Twin Peaks Collage By Ultradialectics

This epic "Twin Peaks" collage by Amsterdam-based visual artist Patrick Tang (aka Ultradialectics) quite brilliantly captures the mood of the rainy logging town in the Pacific Northwest.
The Great Northern Hotel Twin Peaks Keychain

The Great Northern Hotel Keychain

With this keepsake Great Northern Hotel keychain, hand-carved from the Packard Mill's leftover wood, you'll never forget your stay in one of the 102 rooms of Benjamin Horne's beautiful retreat with its breathtaking views of the Whitetail Falls.
Great Northern Key

Great Northern Piano Bundle

No week goes by without the addition of previously unreleased Twin Peaks songs to the excellent music collection over at davidlynch.com. Today's release is that of the Great Northern Piano Bundle composed by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch.